Buying Your Home

San Francisco Bay Area is one of the most desirable real estate markets in the world, and we understand that navigating the property buying process can seem challenging. However, with the expertise and breadth of knowledge of your Compass agent, you are in trusted hands. We will guide and advise you during every step of the buying process to help you fnd the perfect home that fts your needs, budget, and lifestyle.

Before You Start

1. What is your price range?
2. What type of property are you looking for? (single-family home, condo, TIC)
3. Do you have any preferred neighborhoods?
4. Do you have pets?
5. Do you have children? 
6. Is school proximity an important factor for you? 
7. Is proximity to public transportation an important factor? 
8. What amenities are most important to you? (parking, yard, etc.)

At Compass, we empower our agents with data-driven technology, revolutionizing the home buying experience. Since launching in 2012, we've assembled a robust team of experts — engineers, analysts, strategists, and marketers —to simplify the process and enlighten buyers. Now a top-five brokerage in cities nationwide, we're delivering on my promise from coast to coast.

Buying Your Home:

1. Find an Agent

Reach out to your Compass Agent, a licensed real estate professional. They will work as your advocates and trusted advisors to help guide your search.

2. Get Pre-Qualified

Before beginning your search, your first step is to get pre-approved for a mortgage loan (unless you will be paying in cash for the full price of your home). Your Compass agent can connect you to a mortgage advisor. Based on your income and credit history, the mortgage advisor will determine how much a bank will lend you, which will help you determine the price range for your search.

3. Visit Properties

Attend viewings and open houses spanning a range of areas and property types. Now is the time to consider your ideal location and amenities.

4. Review Contract and Disclosure Package

Analyze the contract of sale, disclosures and other documents with your agent. Your agent's job is vital to protecting your interests and understanding the contract and disclosure package.

5. Submit Formal Offer

Work with your agent to submit a formal offer which includes your pre-approval letter (or proof of funds), a cover letter, the contract and disclosure package.

6. Negotiate

Reach an agreement with the seller on price and terms. If your offer is not acceptable to the seller, they may return with a “counter offer”, which you can choose to accept, reject, or counter. Your Compass agent will advise on pricing throughout the process.

7. Seller Approves the Purchase

Once price is agreed upon and the seller approves your offer, you are one step closer to becoming a homeowner!

8. Inspections and Final Walk Through with your agent

If permitted within your offer, you may conduct your property inspections. A final walk-through ensures that the property's condition hasn't changed since your last visit and that the terms of your contract will be met.

9. Closing of Escrow

Congratulations, you are now a homeowner!

Financing Your Purchase

Why Get Pre-Approved

Pre-approal is dierent from preualifying, as it is a full loan approal instead of an opinion letter. It is recommended to get pre-approval before looing at homes. inding out hat you ualify for ill help you loo in the right price range.

Determining How much You Can Afford.
The lender will determine your purchasing power, which gives you a guideline as to what you can afford before you begin the process. They will show you a variety of different types of financing fied, adustables, etc.), and will determine how much you qualify for with each type. Based on your desired payment level and type of financing with which you feel comfortable, we can determine your purchasing power.

Know What Your Down Payment Will Be and Provide Financing Options
You need to choose a home based on what funds you have available, the lender will design a loan that will work for your individual situation.

Know What Your Monthly Payments Will Be
Before picking a price range, you should make sure you are comfortable with your total monthly payment rinciple, aes, Interest, Insurance (and Mortgage Insurance, if necessary).

Turns You Into a Cash Buyer
In today’s market, buyers are not the only parties concerned about financing. ellers are eually concerned. In cases where there are multiple offers for homes, the buyers must put themselves in the best possible position to have their offers accepted. Getting pre-approved also puts the buyer into a better negotiating position, as the eller knows the buyer is ready, willing and able to buy, and that financing is not in uestion. uyers who are not pre-approved have less chance of obtaining an accepted offer on the house they wish to buy.

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