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The Mundane and the Magic in San Francisco’s Coziest Community

The Mundane and the Magic in San Francisco's Coziest Community


But beyond the community I'd be remiss to ignore the incredible geography, dramatic topography, unique microclimate and stunning landmarks.

I grew up in the Richmond District and love it here! Me, my amazing wife Sarah and our two little boys Charlie and Max are very grateful to live in our foggy little corner of this gorgeous city surrounded by so much natural beauty.

Selling real estate and helping other folks find their perfect place in the world is such an incredibly gratifying way to spend my days. Living among the Cypress trees, smelling salt air, hiking along cliff sides above the crashing waves is icing on the cake!

But these pages aren't about my family or my childhood in the Richmond District or my love for my career. This is an homage to the beauty of the outer Richmond. The people, the nature, the history, the little knows facts, the hidden gems, the food and the drink.


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