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Is San Francisco Real Estate Dead in the Water?


Is San Francisco Real Estate Dead in the Water?


Despite the national media's hyperbolic, sensationalized and mostly inaccurate reports of San Francisco's downward spiraling real estate market, the reality is that the city's charming neighborhoods are totally thriving and prices have remained relatively stable. Yes, the Financial District office market and Downtown luxury tower condos all have indeed seen some significant softening since the beginning of the Pandemic but the Bay Area economy and the bulk of the residential housing market remain strong. When you combine extreme geographic barriers to entry (surrounded by water), world-class tourist attractions and stunning views at every turn with unprecedented and immediate access to Redwood forest, jaw dropping coastal scenery, the wonderful Wine Country, Lake Tahoe and the international technology hub, the inevitable result is a market that will continue to thrive, appreciate steadily and attract flocks of new residents for generations to come.



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